Saturday, May 30, 2015

Teaching Collegiate Athletes

Good morning!! 

It is a rainy day here in Mt. Pleasant and I think it is supposed to rain the rest of the day. We had a pretty good week. Elder Blatter is going to have to go home to take care of some medical issues so the next few days should be interesting while we figure out where I will go and who I will be with.

Saturday we drove up to Frankenmuth and went to the "World's Largest Christmas Store." It was HUGE!! I was really impressed with how big it was!! There were all sorts of stuff there, but the most impressive part was they literally had every single Christmas ornament you can imagine! It was really cool!

Sunday, we had our normal church and call ins. 

Monday, we had a few appointments and got to do some door knocking. I have come to realize that I enjoy talking to college students on campus way more than door knocking and I am really ready for school to start back up. 

Tuesday, I was in Lansing with Elder Rhodes on trade-offs. We got to teach several people and also got to do some finding on campus! It was really fun and I enjoyed getting to be on the MSU campus! 

Wednesday, we drove to Bay City and we went to their district meeting and blitzed their area that day. I got to be with Elder Dorough who has only been out about 2 months. It was really fun and I think that he is really going to be a great missionary. 

Thursday, we taught a few lessons and talked to a few students on campus. We actually met the starting center for CMU men's basketball team! His name is Luke Meyer and he is going to meet with us on Monday to learn about the church. So that was kinda cool! 

Yesterday, we got to go to lunch with Brother Banner from Grand Rapids. He then went with us to visit several less active members.  After that, we did some door knocking and found a guy that is on CMU's football team and he invited us to come back and teach him also!! Before long our whole teaching pool will be collegiate athletes!! We also got to teach the family of a girl who joined the church 6 months ago. Her mom had some questions about the Book of Mormon and what we believe, so they invited us over for dinner and we got to teach them more about our church! It was a really good lesson and they are going to have us back over in the near future!! 

This morning we got to eat at IHOP and do some shopping. I am not sure what we have planned the rest of the day. We are waiting on President Jacobsen to call us back to figure out our plans for Elder Blatter going home. We will probably have to spend some time helping him pack and stuff. 

But it should be an interesting week!! I guess we will see what happens!! I hope y'all have a great week!! Thanks for all the love, support and prayers!!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. Here are some pics from Frankenmuth!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lansing Citizenship

Well it was an interesting week to say the least. I spent a total of 2 1/2 days in Lansing this past week and will be back there to go on trade-offs with the Assistants on Tuesday and then back there again for out MLC the next Tuesday. I am thinking that sometime they are going to make me claim citizenship there!

Saturday, I went to Lansing like I told y'all that we were planning on. I spent the day with Elder Rhodes, who is one of the assistants. We did some things that they needed to do to prepare for transfers this past week, went to Guitar Center and got to jam a little bit on the guitars there, drove around and saw some of the sights of Lansing, and then talked to people on MSU campus. It was a lot of fun! 

Monday, we helped out with transfers here in Mt. Pleasant. We also had several appointments with some new people that we are starting to work with. 

Tuesday, we just did a bunch of things to help the zone for this transfer and then we did a lot of door knocking. 

Wednesday, we had several appointments with people that we are working with (we usually meet with them Mon,Wed, Fri and so it is usually the same people on those days) and got to help out a girl that was recently baptized prepare a talk that she is giving at Stake Conference in a few weeks. 

Thursday is when things kinda got crazy. So I think I mentioned that Elder Blatter has been having some health issues lately. Well, Thursday they got worse and we had to take him to the ER. The ER unfortunately were not able to do much for him and so President Jacobsen (who came up to Mt. Pleasant to talk to us and went to the ER with us) had us pack our bags and go back to Lansing with him. And so Thursday night we spent the night hanging out in the mission home while they tried to find somewhere to get him in.

Friday he had a few appointments and then we were able to come back to Mt. Pleasant last night. 

Today, we are going to Frankenmuth, which is a tourist town that is like an hour away. Apparently there is a huge Christmas store there that is open year round and is "The Worlds Largest Christmas Store" so we are going to check out some of those sights and just kinda hang out. It should be a great week and I am excited for this next transfer!! Thanks for all of the support and prayers!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. Here is a selfie with Elder Rhodes with the Lansing skyline in the background

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Land of Desolation

Note:  This post was written Saturday, May 16, 2015
I apologize for the delay--Kristi B.

Good morning!
I am sending this a little earlier than usual since we are headed to Lansing this morning. Elder Blatter is going to the temple to see a family that he baptized go through the temple in Detroit.  I am getting to hang out with Elder Rhodes (one of the APs) in Lansing while both of our companions go to the temple. We also got our transfer calls yesterday and both me and Elder Blatter are staying for another transfer! 

It was a great week. It was a lot different than the earlier weeks in the transfer but it was still a good week. Sunday was Mothers Day and it was great to be able to Skype home and see everyone!! It seemed really short and the hour that we were allowed went really fast but it was really nice to see everyone! After I got done with my Skype call, Elder Blatter called home and I got to do all of our call-ins with our district leaders and get the APs information about all of the areas to prepare for transfer planning. 

Monday we got to teach a few lessons on Facebook and then did some door knocking. Since campus is now deserted and like a land of desolation we are having to door knock off campus now. It was really weird to door knock again since we have just been talking to people on campus for the last month and a half. But I think we are starting to get back into the swing of it. 

Tuesday, we headed to a nearby town that missionaries haven't really gone into that much. We dropped by a referral there, a few less active members, and then also door knocked some more. I don't think that many people have ever seen missionaries because they looked really confused when we showed up at their house and knocked on their door but it was a really good day. We didn't see a lot of success from that town but it was still good to work that area. 

Wednesday, we made the long trek to West Branch to go to their district meeting. It was about a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive but it is always good to see some of the country side of Michigan! I wasn't feeling that great and so on the way home I let Elder Blatter drive since I wasn't too sure that it was safe for me to be driving since I was feeling sick. I ended up feeling bad both Wednesday and Thursday but I was able to get some medicine and was still able to go out and work.  We just made sure that we kind of kept it light on those days. 

Thursday, we tried to find more less actives and see if they still live at the addresses that we have for them and also got to teach Ted (our only current investigator that is still in town and that we don't teach on Facebook.) and we had a good lesson about how we can allow our faith to grow. He tends to go off on tangents quite a bit but it was a good lesson! 

Yesterday morning we had transfer calls and after we got our calls we had to call the other areas in our zone that were staying. We then spent the rest of the day driving to pick up some stuff for a baptism that Ithaca is having Sunday and then taking it to them, doing some service for some members in the ward, and door knocking some more before we taught another lesson on Facebook. Today we are headed to Lansing and I get to hang out with Elder Rhodes all day so that will be fun.
There are quite a bit of changes in the zone this transfer but I am excited to see all of the great things that happen this transfer!! Thanks for all of the support and prayers!!

Elder Bloskas

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Middle of the Mitten

Greetings from rainy Mt. Pleasant!! It was an interesting week this past week but it was a good week over all! School ended for CMU this week and so now we are going to have to do more work in the town and wont be on campus as much as we usually are. So we are having to shift gears a bit.

Sunday, we had a great Fast and Testimonies meeting. The ward here is so great and we had a few investigators come! We also finished a few videos for the assistants to use in the zone conferences this week and did our normal call-ins. 

Monday, We got to teach several of the people that we have been working with before they leave to go home. We had several great lessons and we are going to continue to teach them via Facebook over the summer. 

Tuesday, I was in Ithica on trade-offs. Me and Elder Carter got to play some racquetball at a small university in Alma (where their apartment is) before having studies and going out for the day. We taught several less actives that they have been working with and a few of them were in St. Louis, MI which is the middle of the mitten!! So I snapped a few photos while I was there! Tuesday night we got to see Shane one last time before he went home for the summer and finished our lesson by playing some basketball on the courts outside his dorm. 

Wednesday, we finished up meeting with the people that we have been meeting with one last time before they went home for the summer. We also got some last minute things worked out before zone conference on Thursday. 

Thursday, we had zone conference all day. Elder Blatter and I had to teach about how to prepare a baptism service and make sure that it flows as smoothly as possible. We also got instructed by President and Sister Jacobsen and the Assistants. There was a guy from SLC that came from the mission department and they installed these driving monitor things on our cars. They track when we are speeding, not wearing our seatbelt, or driving recklessly and reports it to the mission office. Many missionaries were upset about it but I wasn't that worried since I don't feel like I am a terrible driver. It hasn't gone off yet ;) so I think I am doing good! 

Yesterday was a rough day. Elder Blatter has been struggling with some health issues and so that was hard yesterday. But we got to eat lunch with Brother Banner (he drove up to take us to lunch) did some door knocking, and then went to an awesome baptism in Ithica!! It was an amazing baptism and the guy who was baptized has been waiting for months because of health issues to get baptized! The spirit was so strong!! 

Today, we played basketball and we were going to go golfing later today but it is raining so I am not sure what we will do the rest of the day! But tomorrow is Mothers Day and I get to Skype home!!
It should be a great week this next week! Friday we get our transfer calls! I know I am not going anywhere but I will let you know next week if Elder Blatter is still here!! Have a great week!!

Elder Bloskas

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Future Movie Stars

Happy Saturday!!

It has been a crazy and busy week here in the Midland zone. I feel like me and Elder Blatter have been going constantly but it has been a great week!! The end of the semester is starting to wrap up but we have one more week of students in town before the town becomes desolate. 

Sunday was a great day of church. We had a regional stake conference broadcast that was broadcasted from SLC. There were several speakers.  Elder Kacher of the 70, Sister Reeves from the Relief Society, and Elder Neil L. Andersen and Elder Robert D. Hales both of the quorum of the 12 spoke to us. It was an amazing broadcast and I felt like there was so much that I was able to get out of it. We also did our usual call-ins for the rest of the day where we talked to all of the district leaders and the Assistants about our zone. 

Monday we got to teach several of our lessons and tried to meet with all of our people before we headed to Bay City for the rest of the week.

Tuesday-Thursday we were in Bay City. Tuesday I was with Elder Peterson (who was my zone leader in Grand Rapids and now I am his zone leader) and Elder Anderson (I was his district leader in Grand Rapids) and it was a lot of fun to be able to spend time teaching with them. We taught a few lessons and got to door knock. 

Wednesday we went to Bay City's district meeting and then I was with Elder Anderson and Elder Dorough (who is being trained right now and has only been out for about a month) and we got to teach a few lessons during the afternoon and then they asked me to teach the Bible study that they have at the church in Bay City (since they forgot to prepare for it). I got to teach about Matthew 8-10 and it was a really good study! 

Wednesday night we got a call that Elder Peterson was being emergency transferred to Greenville (which is close to Grand Rapids) and that they were putting another set of sister missionaries in Bay City. So Elder Peterson packed his bags, we drove to Mt. Pleasant to spend the night, and then we had to be in Lansing by 8am to drop him off. Needless to say it was a long and tiring couple of days. 

Thursday after we drove back we went and gave a baptismal interview, and taught 2 lessons on Facebook. Yesterday, we got a call before we went out for the day saying that the new Bay City sisters had been in a car accident the night before (within 2 hours of them being in their new area) and there might be another sister being transferred there in a few weeks if one of the sisters lost her driving privileges. We also taught a few lessons, talked to people on campus, and worked on some stuff for the zone. Today we played basketball, got haircuts, and working on some videos for the zone. We have a lesson tonight with that guy that is in Sigma Chi and then we are spending the rest of the day working on training videos for the zone. 

This should be a great week. We have a lot of people that we are meeting with and we have a zone training on Thursday. They are going to show 2 of our videos to the whole mission during the zone trainings and so we had to shoot a special one this morning for them to use. I am excited for another great week and feel so blessed to be able to doing the Lords work!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. Here is me thuggin it up near the railroad tracks where we were shooting a video.