Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jesus is Enough

Well it was another great week in Grand Rapids. I realize that I say that every single week but I am really enjoying being here in Michigan and honestly, when you are doing the Lord's work there is nothing that could be better.
Tuesday we had interviews with President Jacobsen and District meeting. My district had our district meeting first and I talked about more effective planning so that our missionary work can be more productive. Then we watched Meet The Mormons while each of us waited to be interviewed. Interviews were supposed to be over by 12 but they were not done until close to 2. I was the last one to be interviewed in my district and me and President Jacobsen got to talk about the district and what we can do to best help each of the members of my district. He is such an inspired man and I am blessed to be able to work with him! 

Tuesday evening we taught a lady named Samantha, which unfortunately we had to pass over to the other Grand Rapids elders since she lives in their area now. But she is an awesome lady and I am excited to see her progress in the gospel. 

Wednesday we had the funeral for the mom and the two kids that I mentioned in my email last week. We showed up early and helped set up chairs and did last minute preparations for the funeral. There were about 450 people that showed up for the funeral! During the first of the funeral me and Elder Dunn got to do a little security detail, while making sure that the news crews that were camped outside of the building didn't come in and record the funeral since the family requested that they have their privacy. Me and Elder Dunn even went outside and talked to the news people but left after we realized that they were just trying to get information out of us. The funeral went really good and I think that the family really appreciated all of the effort that went into it. At the end of the funeral the Grandmother of the 2 young children (who is a member of our church) got up unannounced and spoke to everyone there. It was amazing and it was obvious that her strong faith was what was keeping this family together is such a difficult time. One of the things that she kept saying was that "Jesus is enough" and that all of the pain and sadness would be able to be healed through Jesus Christ and his Atonement. It was really a sad service as everyone grieved over the lose of such young lives. The little girl, who was 12 when she passed away, came to our church quite a bit with her grandma and she had told her parents a few weeks before her death that she really wanted to be baptized into our church. I am grateful for the knowledge that we have that she will be able to accept the gospel in its entirety on the other side of the veil and will be able to be receive the ordnance of baptism.

Friday, I was on trade-offs with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Peterson in my area and we had a great day. We taught a new guy that is from Brazil who is super prepared and accepted a baptismal date the first lesson. He has had a hard life and is really looking to find peace and healing through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Saturday, we taught several lessons before heading to Kalamazoo with the Banners. We were given permission to go see a musical called Lamb of God that was being put on in Kalamazoo. It was an amazing musical; about the Savior's last few days in mortality and about his resurrection. It was written and directed by members of our church but since it was a community effort that involved people of over 50 different churches they asked us to not proselyte at all while we were there. In an effort to honor their request the mission asked us to remove our name tags while we were there. It was the first time in 9 months that I haven't been wearing my name tag and it was really strange... 

Yesterday was a great day at church and we had several lessons yesterday. Last night I finally taught Brother Banner how to tie a bow tie since I promised him weeks ago that I would teach him. I think that he did pretty well at doing it! I have included a photo since I thought that we looked pretty snazzy!!
Well this week should be another great week as I finish my last 2 trade-offs with members of my district and then next week (On April 3rd) we will have transfer calls. This transfer has FLOWN!! Thanks for all of the love, support and prayers!!

Elder Bloskas

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