Monday, March 9, 2015

Well it was another great week in G-Rap! I am blessed to continue to see the Lord doing miracles in Grand Rapids.

Tuesday I was on trade-offs with Elder Schultz. He is a missionary that was supposed to serve in Brazil but was never able to get his visa and so he ended up staying here in Michigan. We had an interesting day where we had several appointments cancel and then the one that didn't cancel was drunk and we ended up just leaving after a few minutes when we realized that he wasn't going to be able to focus at all. Since it snowed a lot Monday night we actually shoveled several people's sidewalks and I got my workout in for the week.  I think we spent a total of 3 hours on different people's sidewalks doing service for them as we were door knocking. 

Wednesday I taught district meeting over the importance of the Book of Mormon in our missionary efforts and then I was on trade-offs again with Elder Grover, who is a new Spanish missionary. We had a few of our appointments cancel (seemed to be the story of the week) and then I got to take him door knocking. Since he is new to the mission he isn't as comfortable door knocking yet but I thought that it would be good for him to get to door knock in some nicer areas since most of his area is the lower end of the city. I helped him out quite a bit and then before one of the doors I told him that this was his door and that he was going to do great on it and get a return appointment for us to come back. He was really confident and I thought he was going to really have a great door until I heard someone open the door on the side of the house by the drive way. We walked off the porch and around towards the drive way just in time to see a young woman slip on ice and fall really hard on the ground hitting her head. She started to bleed from her head and I felt really bad for her. She told us that she wasn't interested and went back inside to take care of cleaning up her head. Elder Grover felt really bad and felt like it was his fault that she fell since it was "his door".   I had to assure him that these type of things happen and that it wasn't his fault. 

Thursday, me and Elder Dunn were back together and got to go work in Rockford! It's an awesome small town that really has a hometown feel to it. I really enjoy going there it just hasn't been as productive for missionary work in several months. Friday, we had several appointments and got to meet with several of our solid investigators! 

Saturday we drove to Holt and went to Ed's funeral. It was good to see several people from my previous area but I wish that the circumstances were different. Saturday night we got to meet with Lyndsay's family. It was a great lesson as we got to eat dinner with them and talk to them about all of the things that we have been teaching Lyndsay and about our church. It was probably one of the most guided by the Spirit lessons that I have taught as we were able to explain simply and clearly all of the things that our church teaches. It was great and they invited us to come back and teach them more! It was so amazing.

Yesterday after church we got to do some more door knocking and since it was a blazing 40 degrees me and Elder Dunn didn't even wear our jackets! We met with like 4 people that were hostile towards the church and were super rude to us on the door steps. I faced a lot of that in Holt.  I think that it might just be when we are just in white shirts and ties that people are able to recognize us easier and they feel the need to tell us just how wrong we are and how they are worried for our salvation. We had a guy earlier in the week that was a seminary student that wanted to meet with us to argue over what we believed but we told him that we didn't feel like that would be beneficial. I have learned that most of the people that are hostile towards the church just have misconceptions about the church and don't take the time to really learn what we actually believe. They just believe the rumors that they hear which is really kind of sad that they don't even give us a chance to answer any of their questions and tell them the truth of what we teach. But that is how Christ's church has always been. There have always been people that have spoken against Christ's church like in Rome when Paul was preaching he says,  "But we desire to hear of thee what thou thinkest: for as concerning this sect, we know that every where it is spoken against." -Acts 28:22

I am excited for this week. I will be going to the Spanish areas twice this week. I have been trying to learn some Spanish so that I will be able to use it so we will see. I am sure that I will be receiving some divine help as I am teaching and am excited to see the Lord work through me! Well I think that is it for the week!! It is starting to warm up here and I am excited for what this spring and summer have in store! Thanks for all of the love and support!!
-Elder Bloskas

P.S. Here is a picture of probably the happiest man I have ever met. We drive by him a few times a day as he stands outside of a business that does taxes.  He is always smiling and waving even when it is freezing outside. People that work hard and are happy when it is tough, like this man, are an inspiration to me and a reminder that I can do hard things!

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