Monday, November 23, 2015


Good morning!!
It is a beautiful fall/winterish day here in East Lansing. We got about 10 inches of snow on Saturday so the state has officially turned into a winter wonderland.
We had another really good week.
Monday, we got to go to lunch with several other missionaries in the area. Then we went to the stake center and played basketball and volleyball for most of the rest of the day. That evening we taught Michael again. The lessons with him are going pretty well we are just not sure how much longer we are going to be able to teach him since they aren't really going anywhere. 
Tuesday, we drove to Traverse City, which is at the top of the state, and we got to blitz their area. I got to spend the day with Elder Sauer and it was a great day full of door knocking and teaching a few lessons. I got to teach one of their recent converts that was investigating the church a few months ago when I was there. She has really been struggling lately so it was great to be able to spend some time teaching her and helping her find some hope and joy in her life during difficult times. 
Wednesday we drove to Kalkaska (which is about 30 mins away from TC) for the Traverse City Zone Training. We got to spend time with all the missionaries in that zone before we had lunch and drove back. We literally drove from the top of the state to the bottom of the state because that evening we had a dinner in Jackson which is towards the bottom of the state and we had to drive straight there from TC.
Thursday, we helped a family move in the morning, got our oil changed in our truck and spent some time on campus before we drove to Mt. Pleasant for tradeoffs there.
Friday, I got to spend the day on CMU campus with Elder Chalmers and we taught several lessons to people that they are working with. They are killing it on campus and so they have so many people that they are working with! It is great to see that area doing so well. Friday night, we drove back to Lansing and we were in the ward talent show. Me and Elder Haddock wrote a song. It was a missionary version of a song from Aladdin  when they ride on the magic carpet. I will include the lyrics and a picture at the end of this email. It went really well!!
Saturday, we woke up to 10 inches of snow. So me and Elder Haddock got to spend quite a bit of time on campus talking to students and it went really well. We got to talk to several really great people and have return appointments with several of them. One of the really cool miracles that we saw was with a girl named Haley. She was looking for the library and had tried 3 different other days but was unable to find it and decided to try to look for it one last time when she ran into us. We talked to her and she shared about how her mother had passed away when she was really young and she was really looking for a purpose in life and that she felt it was inspired that we talked to her. So we got to walk with her to the library (since we knew where it was at) and she was excited to set up a time this next week to meet with us!!
We have another great week planned! Today we are planning on going ice skating with a bunch of missionaries and then we have a great day planned this week with Thanksgiving! It should be another great week!!

Thanks as always for all of the love and support!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. Here is us singing at the Talent Show and also a picture of us on campus with a snowman that someone built!

Also here is our song:
Elder Bloskas; I can teach you the gospel, Faith, Repentance, baptism. Tell me Elder, When did you last let the spirit decide? I can show you a book, Alma, Helaman, Ether. Over hilltops and under rocks to spread this gospel wide! 
Eternal Life!
Jesus Christ has called you here, no one will tell us no, where ere we go. Or say we’re only dreaming. 
Elder Haddock; Eternal life! Faith, repentance, baptism, but when you’re way up here. It’s crystal clear, now I know the Book of Mormon’s true. 
Elder Bloskas; (key change) now I know the book of Mormon’s true.
Elder Haddock; Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings. We will baptize all of the peeps in every country side. Eternal Life! 
Elder Bloskas; Don’t you dare close your eyes, 
Elder Haddock; Faith repentance, baptism
Elder Bloskas; Keep your sights on the temple. 
Both; but when we’re way up here. It’s crystal clear, Now I know the Book of Mormon’s true, Now I know the Book of Mormon’s true. 

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