Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jake got baptized!

Good morning! 

It was another amazing week! Jake was baptized on Saturday and it was just a really great week!!!

Monday, we did our usually p-day things. In the afternoon we played basketball and volleyball with a bunch of the missionaries here in the Lansing area. Monday night we taught Michael again and we had a really good lesson focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Tuesday, we had MLC and it went really well! President Jacobsen focused a lot on several of the things that are attacking members of the church today and really focused on the importance of keeping our thoughts pure and constantly having uplifting thoughts that bring the Spirit! It was a really good training. After that I was on trade-offs with Elder Caceres who is a zone leader in Grand Rapids. We were here at MSU and we taught 2 lessons. 

Wednesday we went to district meeting here in Lansing and then we worked on campus for a little bit before we drove to Grand Rapids to trade back and then we drove to Kalamazoo for another trade-off. I was with Elder Erekson on WMU campus.

Thursday morning we raked leaves all morning for a lady who's husband is really sick. Then we spent the rest of the day teaching a few lessons on campus.

Friday, Jake had his baptismal interview and then we finished some last minute things for the baptism. We spent the rest of the day on campus talking to people and then taught a few lessons that night. We got to teach a new guy named Sujit who didn't have a belief in Jesus Christ at all so it was really cool to be able to share with him the love of Jesus Christ and how it can really help his life.

Saturday, we had Jake's baptism! It was a super awesome experience. His mom and grandmother came to the baptism and they really enjoyed it. A few minutes before the baptism I got to talk to his grandmother as she was admiring all of the photos of the Savior in our church building and it was a great experience to hear of her love of Jesus Christ and how grateful she was for us teaching her grandson. The service went really well and the Spirit was so strong!! We spent the rest of the day finishing some stuff here in the office. 

Yesterday, we had another great day, as Jake was confirmed in sacrament meeting. 

We have a great week planned as we are going to be up north for the next couple of days and then this weekend me and Elder Haddock are going to be in the ward talent show!! It should be another great week!!!

Thanks as always for the prayers and support!!
Elder Bloskas

P.S.  Here is a picture of us at Jake's baptism!

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