Monday, September 22, 2014

Elder Wand

September 22, 2014

This week was kind of a different week and not a lot happened that is out of the ordinary or new so this email will probably be pretty short.
But Monday night-Wednesday morning I was on trade-offs with the district leader in this area, which is the Lansing area. He serves in part of the more sketchy part of town. So I got to go to several lessons with him while his companion was with Elder Bass in Holt. It was a lot of fun but it was just different since I didn't know any of the investigators that we met with and felt like that I couldn't help them as much as I probably could if I knew them, but it was still fun. We haven't had a car since Wednesday (we get it back this Wednesday), and it always feels like we are so much less productive without a car because we aren't able to travel as much between appointments. Also, Elder Bass was kinda sick a few days this week So we did a lot of door knocking this week and met with Rashida a few times. We didn't get to meet with the Wicken or the minister this week because they were both so busy this week. But Rashida is doing great! She is going to end up getting to stay in Holt and most of the issues that were going on have kind of been worked out.
Saturday, we drove down to Mason, where the sisters in our ward are serving. They were having a town festival thing called Down Home Days or something like that. We set up a family history booth and we talked to people all morning and until 4pm. Me and Elder Bass would talk to people in front of the booth and talk to them about family history and then if they weren't interested in family history we would talk to them about the church. It didn't seem like we met a lot of people that were interested but if nothing else it was good exposure for the church. It allowed us to be seen in the community and for themto see that we were trying to do things for those in the community.
Well that's about it... I promise I'll have a more exciting week this next week. The weather got a little warmer this week but it is still fallish weather! But I did include a picture of me and Elder Bass with Harry Potter wands that one of the members of the ward here got when they went to Florida. They were really nice! Plus, I got to use the "Elder Wand", I felt like it fit pretty well! Also, we saw this huge Michigan mascot and took a picture with him also! Well, thanks for all of the love and support like always!!
Elder Bloskas

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