Monday, July 13, 2015

National Cherry Festival

It was another great week in East Lansing!! I forgot my planner in the apartment, so if I forget things that happened this week,I am sorry!! 

Last Monday, we drove to Kalamazoo and went to the Air Zoo! It has a lot of old planes and military aircraft. It also had a flight simulator that we got to get in and fly fighter jets and shoot each other down. It was a lot of fun! 

Tuesday, we had MLC. All of the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders came into town and we talked about how we can help the mission. Afterwards, I was on trade-offs with Elder Haddock who is serving in Grand Rapids. We had an awesome day! We met a girl who wanted us to teach her right then!! We had an awesome lesson with her and have gotten to meet with her a few times since! Afterwards we were talking to people on campus and we talked to a Chinese guy. He told us that he didn't know any English. So of course my first reaction was to use the very little Chinese that I know and to say "Hi, how are you?" which is all I know how to say. His face lit up and he got really excited and begin talking to me in Chinese. I then had to tell him that I didn't really know Chinese and I felt really bad because I got his hopes up… 

Wednesday, me and Elder Haddock went to a district meeting in Grand Rapids and then me and Elder Norton drove to Kalamazoo to go on trade-offs with them. So I spent all of Wednesday in Kalamazoo on Western Michigan campus teaching some of the students there. That night we went to their student branch building and it is probably the most beautiful LDS chapel I have seen in person. It is an old baptist church that was converted into an LDS church and it has a balcony and a real pipe organ! It was amazing! 

Thursday we drove back to Lansing and celebrated Elder Norton's 21st birthday by eating ice cream at President Jacobsens! 

Friday we drove to Traverse City and spent the day with them on a blitz (where both me and Elder Norton are in their area). It was time for the National Cherry Festival up there so we saw thousands of people walking around enjoying the activities. We even got to eat some cherries! It was beautiful up there!! 

Saturday, we stopped by a few areas on our way back to Lansing and checked up on them.

Sunday, we had church and then the usual call ins. 

Then today, we went to Grand Rapids and went to their "zone p-day" and enjoyed a hot day outside that included volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and lots of buckets of water being thrown on people! It was a great day. This week, we have 2 more trade-offs and then the usual mission stuff here in the office as well as working on campus. On Wednesday I will be with Elder Alley, who is a missionary that came out with me. We are going to celebrate our "hump day" (which is when you hit your 1 year mark which is on the 16th) so that will be a lot of fun!!
Thanks as always for all of the prayers and support!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. A picture of me with a plane at the Air Zoo and then a terrible picture of the Cherry Festival.

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