Monday, July 27, 2015

Northerner Adventures

Hows it going aye?! Well it has been a great week! After spending the first part of the week up north in the U.P. (Upper peninsula of Michigan) I am trying to talk more like the people up there that have a Canadian accent. 

Monday, after we got done emailing we met with President Jacobsen before making our trek up north. It took us about 3 hours to get to Mackinac City where we "filled up with gas" for about 4 hours while we checked out the sites on our way up to Sault Ste. Marie. Mackinac City is a really neat tourist town that is right before you cross the "Big Mac" which is the bridge that connects upper and lower Michigan! It was so beautiful up there. We went to several of the shops and even had a member that is from Reno, NV buy us fudge! Fudge is huge on Mackinac Island (you have to take a ferry to it and we weren't allowed to go over there).   Mackinac City is similar to the things on the island and allows you to enjoy a lot of the same fudge and tourist attractions without taking a ferry across to the island. After we enjoyed our time in Mackinac City we crossed the bridge and spent a few hours in St. Ignace which is the city right on the other side of the bridge and we learned very quickly that the people up in the UP are very proud of it and like to make fun of the "trolls" (those that live below the bridge) so it was a lot of fun.  Elder Norton and I got custom t-shirts made that we are going to wear to the half mission p-day this next week. After that we drove up to Sault Ste. Marie and spent the night with the elder there. 

Tuesday, we left a little early to go and see the Canadian border and to see the "Soo Locks" that connect Lake Huron and Lake Superior and it was really cool. They have all sorts of boats and ships (some huge freight ships that are 500 feet long travel through there). After that we headed back down south and stopped by an area that has been struggling a little bit lately and spent part of the day with them before we came back to Lansing and finished some of the stuff in the office that we needed to get done. 

Wednesday, we went to district meeting in Battle Creek (home of Kellogg's cereal) and enjoyed district lunch at Culvers! After that we headed back to Lansing and had to take our trailer that we use for transfers to a place to see if they could do some maintenance on it and also looked at how much a new one would cost. After that we went to President's house and talked to him about what we wanted to do with the trailer (we are probably going to buy a new one) and then finalized details on the half-mission p-day this week. 

Thursday, we did a lot of office work, and then did some work on campus before teaching a new investigator that we have whose name is Josh. He is an atheist that feels like religion has kind of failed him and has a lot of questions that he feels like he has never received an answer to. We had an awesome lesson with him! 

Friday and Saturday, we spent most of the day working on campus again and then finishing up more things in the office (I feel like we are constantly in there but there is a lot that we have to do!). 

Yesterday, we had our usual Sunday. It doesn't usually change much but it was really good. Church was really good and I love the YSA ward here. Today we have to do some last minute things for this week and then will enjoy our normal p-day after our meeting with President this morning. This should be a great week!! I am loving it here in East Lansing and wouldn't trade this for the world!! Thanks for all the prayers and support!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. Me by Lake Huron with the Mackinac Bridge in the background and then a picture of me in front of the lighthouse in St. Ignace.

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