Monday, July 6, 2015

Transfer week

Good Morning!!

It has been a crazy week and I feel like I haven't gotten sleep all week but it has been a blast. Life as an assistant is super busy but I have really enjoyed it.

Sunday, we had church and then we got things ready for the week before we did our usual call-ins. 

Monday, we started driving at 7am and drove all over the state transferring all of the missionaries. It took a little longer than we expected and we ended up rolling back into Lansing around 9pm! It was so great getting to spend time with all of the missionaries in the mission and see some that I haven't seen in a few months! 

Tuesday, we woke up and took the missionaries that were going home (that were staying at our apartment) to IHOP. A few of us got the "all you can eat pancakes" and one of the missionaries ate 22 pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon. The people at IHOP said that they don't keep track of records but they are sure that he would have broken it. We then went to the mission home, ate lunch, and then headed to the temple in Detroit. After the temple we drove back to the mission home, ate dinner and then we had a departing testimonies meeting. 

Wednesday, we had to be up at 4:30 to eat breakfast before leaving for the airport to take the missionaries who were going home. After getting them to the airport, we went back to the mission home to clean it in order to prepare for the missionaries coming in. After that we went to the institute to set it up for the new missionaries, drove to the airport and picked up the new missionaries and came back to the institute. We helped them fill out some paper work, took them on campus to talk to some people and get a feel for missionary work, came back and ate dinner, and then took them to the mission home to sleep.

Thursday, we picked up the new missionaries from the mission home and took them to the Stake Center, then we drove back to our apartment to pick up the trainers that were staying with us.  We spent the rest of the day instructing the new missionaries, pairing them with their new trainers and then driving them all back to their areas. We ended up getting back to our apartment at 11pm! 

Friday we did some things at the office before driving to Saginaw to deliver a bed to some missionaries since they didn't have one in their new apartment. 

Saturday, we finished up things in the office, worked on campus a little and then went to President Jacobsen's to celebrate the 4th. He shot off fireworks for us in his yard and we had s'mores and root-beer floats!

Sunday, we had church and then we ate lunch at the Jacobsen's before doing call-ins. 

Today, we are driving to Kalamazoo to go to the Air Zoo! We have a great week planned and it should be busy but it should be a lot of fun!! I am loving my mission and wouldn't change anything!! Thanks for all of the prayers and support!! 

Elder Bloskas 

P.S. Here we are at the airport when we picked up the new missionaries and another pic of the new missionaries with their trainers (we took a serious one but I really like the silly one that we took.)

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