Monday, June 29, 2015

Transfer Planning

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hello all!
It has been a super busy week and next week will be even busier!! 

Monday, we started transfer planning and started to see where we needed to place all of the different missionaries. It is a really cool process as we (APs) work with President Jacobsen to seek inspiration from the Lord and see where all of the missionaries in the mission are needed. 

Tuesday, we continued to transfer plan until about 2pm when we taught a few lessons and then I had to do a training, required by the church, so that I can drive the big van and trailer for transfers this next week! 

Wednesday, we had to drive to Mt. Pleasant to pick up a missionary that needed to come back here to Lansing, and then we finished transfer planning. 

Thursday, we double checked transfer planning and then we spent the rest of the day doing logistics for transfers. So we spent the whole day going through every single missionary and figuring out how they were going to get from their current area to their new area, who they would be staying with while they waited on new companions, and where those missionaries that are training the new missionaries coming out are going to be working for the whole week until Thursday when they get their new companions. Thursday evening, we went to President Jacobsen's and called all of the new zone leaders, the current zone leaders, and Sister Training Leaders and told them where they are going and what areas in their zone they needed to call and tell that they were staying the same. 

Friday, we spent all morning calling all of the new missionaries to tell them where they were going and giving them their travel plans. We also went to a baptism here in Lansing, and then spent the rest of the day getting office stuff done before transfers. 

Today, there was a huge service project that we helped out with. We ended up cutting down trees to make a bike path at one of the parks. Tonight, we are shopping and getting things ready for next week.

Next week we should be super busy.... Monday I will be driving missionaries around the mission all day. Tuesday, we will be taking those missionaries going home to the temple in Detroit and then hanging out with them all day, Wednesday the missionaries going home leave at like 7am and the ones coming in arrive around 12. Then we will spend the whole day helping them get settled in and filling out paperwork. Thursday, we have to train the new missionaries and their trainers and then drive them to their areas. It should be a busy week.
Well that is all the news I have. I hope that y'all have a great week!! Thanks for all the love and support!!

Elder Bloskas

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