Monday, June 22, 2015

Moving to East Lansing

Good morning from beautiful East Lansing, MI. 

It has been a crazy couple of weeks and as you have noticed I have been in a different city for the past 3 weeks. This past weekend I was called to be the new Assistant to the President (AP) for our mission. I will be serving here for a little over 7 months and then I will finish my mission by going to one last area, spending a transfer there with a companion, and then training new missionaries for my last 3 months of my mission. Me and my new companion, Elder Norton will work side by side with President and Sister Jacobsen in helping all of the missionaries in the mission accomplish great things here in the Michigan Lansing Mission. It will keep me extremely busy and I will be traveling all over the state of Michigan but I am extremely excited that President Jacobsen and The Lord have put so much trust in me.

Last Monday, Elder Woodland and I, headed to Midland and played some games with the missionaries there before teaching a lesson Monday Night. 

Tuesday and Wednesday our zone had interviews with President Jacobsen and so I had to drive to all of those. Tuesday we were in Midland for half of the day and then we went back to Mt. Pleasant and did some door knocking and worked on some things that I had to do for the Stake President and his counselors about the missionaries in our zone. Wednesday morning I had to be in Saginaw at 8am for interviews and then we followed President Jacobsen to West Branch for the final interviews in our zone. We then drove back just in time for us to teach a lesson to a lady that we met earlier in the week and then I finished up things for the zone. 

Thursday, we weekly planned and I helped the sisters in Mt. Pleasant with their weekly planning and helped them to make it more effective and efficient, then we had to get the oil changed on my truck. We spent the rest of the day door knocking and then had a ward mission meeting with Brother May in the evening.

Friday, we helped a lady in the ward clean out her garage, ate lunch with her and her family, taught a few lessons and then door knocked until dinner. On our way to dinner I got the call from President Jacobsen informing me that I was going to be the new assistant and that I needed to pack my bags to be picked up by the assistants the next day. So we ate dinner, taught a lesson on Facebook and then I began packing. 

Saturday, we helped a lady in the ward move, ate lunch with Brother Banner (from Grand Rapids) and then spent the rest of the afternoon packing and cleaning the apartment before the assistants picked me up. We drove back to Lansing and dropped off Elder Woodland in Ithaca (there is still 1 more week left in the transfer and since I am the new assistant I have to plan for transfers this week) and then we ate dinner and I unpacked. Yesterday, we went to church, ate lunch at President and Sister Jacobsen's, then we had call-ins the rest of the evening. 

It is going to be a crazy and busy week. Beginning this morning we will start transfer planning. We will do that most of the week and spend a total of around 20 hours from Mon-Thurs transfer planning and then making transfer calls on Friday. Since I will be driving all of the missionaries getting transferred and preparing for missionaries to go home and to enter into the mission, we will be taking our p-day on Saturday this week and then it will be back to Mondays the next Monday.
Thanks for all of the love, support and prayers!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. Any mail can be sent to me at the mission office address:
4910 S. Hagadorn Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48823

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