Monday, June 15, 2015

Mission Life Be Cray

Good Morning from Mt. Pleasant!! 

After an interesting chain of events I am now back in Mt. Pleasant again. My new companion (for 2 weeks until he gets a new companion also) is Elder Woodland. His companion also had to go home for some medical reasons and so instead of us both being in a trio, they put us together for the remaining 2 weeks of the mission.

But it was a great week. I feel like I have been going a million miles an hour. 
Monday, we played baseball with the Bay City Sisters and the Saginaw Elders. I ended up scraping up my knee while we were playing and it was all bloody, but that just made me look tougher!

Monday night,  Elder Anderson and I went to Bay City, to be with Elder Rapp for a tradeoff on Tuesday. It was fun being in the 3rd most dangerous city in the nation (#1 being Detroit and #2 Flint, both also in Michigan but not in our mission) It felt great to be back in the hood and I really enjoyed spending time with the Elders there. 

Wednesday, the assistants came to Bay City's district meeting and then afterwards I went with them to blitz Bad Axe. (A blitz is where both sets of missionaries stay in the one area instead of just swapping companions for the day and working in both of the areas) It was fun. I got to be with Elder Boyd, who only had been out a few weeks. We got to do a lot of door knocking and it was good to be able to help train him and give him some pointers on how he can improve. 

Wednesday night we met a guy who got to be a nurse for several Apostles of the church when he was working in a hospital in SLC. He told us all of these amazing stories of his interactions with them and the amazing men that they were. It was really cool to hear him tell all sorts of stories. 

Thursday night, I was back in Bay City. Thursday night is when I got the call that Friday I would be coming back to Mt. Pleasant with Elder Woodland. 

Friday, we worked a little in Bay City and then we came to Mt. Pleasant and actually got to teach a few lessons here. 

Saturday, we did a lot of door knocking since there aren't many students in town to talk to on campus. There was one guy that we met and had a really funny conversation... So we were talking to him and he said that he was agnostic and didn't really know whether there was a God. We invited him to have us come back and share a message with him, and he agreed. As we were trying to set up a time he said that he worked on the weekend and that weekdays would probably work best. I asked him where he worked and he said, "Intimate innovations, it is an adult novelty store." For some reason I misunderstood him and thought that he worked at a comic book store and so he was so confused when I excitedly said, "Oh wow! That is really cool! Maybe we will have to stop by sometime when you are working.".... I didn't realize until afterwards when Elder Woodland about had a heart attack and explained that I had misunderstood him. Needless to say, Elder Woodland has not let me live that down and when we see him this week I am going to have to inform him that we will not actually be coming to his work... I guess sometimes I am more innocent that I realize. 

Anyways, it should be a great week. I will be traveling a lot in the zone this week and have a meeting with the Stake President to talk about how the missionaries in the stake are doing. It should be a great week!! Thanks for all of the prayers and support!!!

Elder Bloskas

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