Monday, September 7, 2015

First Week of School/Students

Good morning and Happy Labor Day!! 

It was a really great week here in East Lansing and it was great to be able to spend a lot of time on campus.  It was also great to spend some time here in East Lansing and not have to be all over the state like we usually are.

Monday, we had a great p-day. Our meeting with President Jacobsen went a little longer than usual but we were still able to have a great p-day. I got my haircut and we also played basketball and dodge ball so it was a lot of fun! After that we cleaned up and ate dinner with a few of the YSAs. We ended up grilling hamburgers behind our apartment and enjoyed being outside a little bit. 

Tuesday, we had to do some stuff in the office to prepare for the half-mission conference next week.  Afterwards, we got to go on campus and talk to a bunch of students. All week we had a lot of really good success and got to meet a lot of awesome people. That evening there was a huge event on campus to welcome all of the new students and to help them become aware of all of the on campus organizations and stuff.  So we kind of hung out around there and talked to students that were attending. 

Wednesday, we drove to Grand Rapids and went to the Wyoming district meeting and then also the Spanish district meeting. It has been a few transfers since we have had an all-Spanish district and so it was awesome to be able to attend a district meeting in all Spanish (even though I didn't understand most of what they were saying,  the Spirit was super strong!) It was really awesome. Then we got to go to this authentic Mexican food restaurant and eat district lunch there. Once we got back to East Lansing we went on campus and talked to several students before we met with President for a few minutes before we went to dinner and finished some stuff in the office. 

Thursday, we started the morning by going to the church and setting up our new sound system that we are going to start using at conferences from now on. We set everything up and got President's opinion on what he was wanting it to look like so that we wouldn't have any problems next week when we have Elder Andersen of the quorum of the 70 here. After that we had lunch with a few of the Elders that were helping us out and then we went on campus. Right before dinner we were walking into the institute (where the mission office is also) and we stopped to talk to Bro. Tibbitts.  He told us that he met a guy whose organization volunteers at the MSU football games scanning tickets and said that after they get done scanning tickets and the game starts they get to go watch the game for free in the lower bowl of the stadium. He told us that he signed up to do it through this organization and asked if we would be able to do it. So we called President Jacobsen and he told us that he would let us do it for one game. So this Saturday we are going to be at the MSU and Oregon game watching 2 top 10 teams play and will be watching the game in the lower bowl of the stadium!! I am super pumped!! After we talked to him we drove to Leslie, MI to eat dinner with the YSA ward mission leader and talk to him about how the work was going on MSU campus.

Friday and Saturday we mainly just talked to people on campus and met a lot of awesome people. I had a really cool experience on Saturday. After lunch I wasn't feeling too great but I really wanted to still go on campus since we usually don't have too much time on campus. I was really not looking forward to talking to people and so I prayed that Heavenly Father would give me strength to be effective on campus. The first person that we saw I immediately had a prompting that this was the person that I was supposed to talk to. And so I stopped him, talked to him, and he agreed to meet with us and was super excited about us teaching him! It was so awesome and it was a true answer to prayer.

Sunday, we had an amazing Sunday!! Mauricio, who is a deaf recent convert, blessed the sacrament! It was so awesome! He had to memorize the prayer and then someone helped him through it but it was so awesome. Sunday school and Priesthood were also amazing and it was a great day!

We have a great week planned!! Today we are going to go fishing in Holland, MI! Then we are going to spend most of the week transfer planning (since most of the week will be taken up with Elder Andersen coming) and preparing for Elder Andersen! Then Saturday we are going to go to the MSU game!! Since we will have conferences Monday and Tuesday, our p-days will be on Saturday for the next 2 weeks and so I will be emailing then instead of Mondays!! But I hope y'all have a great week!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. Here is a peak into our lives as assistants. This is the "Transfer Board". It has the names, pictures, and areas that all of the missionaries in the mission have served. It is a magnet and this is what we use to decide where missionaries get transferred and which areas they go to. This gives you an idea of all of the missionaries in the mission and how many missionaries we help

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