Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fishing and College Game Day

Good morning from beautiful East Lansing. 

Campus is busy today with all sorts of students, fans, and the people from ESPN! The massive Goodyear blimp is even flying over campus today!! But we had a really great week!

Monday, we went fishing in Holland. We didn't catch anything worth keeping but I did catch 2 small fish!! One was a large mouth bass and the other was some other type of really small fish. I was the only one who caught more than one fish but there really weren't many fish where we were fishing. 

Tuesday, we had our usual meeting with President and then we went on campus to contact people. We met a girl named Rachel that wanted us to teach her right then so we got to teach her the restoration in one of the dorm lobbys on campus. After that we got to have dinner at a back-to-school BBQ the ward had here at the institute. 

Wednesday we drove to Midland and went to their district meeting and then got to go to district lunch with them before heading back to Lansing. Once we got back here we continued to work on preparing for the half mission next week. We got to teach a girl that was recently baptized and then we had dinner. 

Thursday, we had a really good day. We spent most of the morning beginning our transfer planning since we will have conferences Monday and Tuesday of next week and then we got to teach a few lessons before we helped one of the senior missionaries move stuff into an apartment that we are opening up and then having dinner with the Dickerson's!

 Friday, we started out the day teaching 2 amazing lessons! We had a lesson with Janell who was recently baptized and then we taught a new guy who really loved the message that we shared. Then we spent most of the rest of the day transfer planning before we took a break from the office and went on campus to check out the set up that College Game Day had set up. It was a really good week.

Today we are doing our regular stuff before we go to the MSU and Oregon game tonight and then all week we will be super busy! It should be a great week!!! I am excited for the work picking up here and for all of the awesome experiences I will get to have this week!! Thanks for all of the love and support!!
Elder Bloskas

P.S. Here is my fish that I caught and also a picture of the College Game Day set up!!

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