Monday, September 28, 2015

Transfers round 3

Good morning! 

It was another really busy week and I think that I am still recovering from the lack of sleep that we usually get during transfer week but it was a good week.

Saturday we had a great p-day. We walked on campus a little bit while the game was going on and went to the book store to look at some MSU gear. We also finished up some stuff for transfers but mostly tried to relax. That evening we had dinner with the zone leaders here in Lansing and then headed back to the office to finish some last minute transfer stuff. Once we got to the office I got really sick and had to go to the ER after we called Sister Jacobsen and the mission doctor. I will spare you from the details but we ended up being in the ER until 3:30am while they did numerous test including 2 blood tests. Long story short they ended up not having to admit me into the hospital and they are having me follow-up with a doctor in a few weeks when I can get an appointment.

Sunday, we woke up and did our normal Sunday routine except we probably looked like zombies since we were so tired. But it was a good day. 

Monday, we drove around the state twice and did transfers. It is always good to see all of the missionaries and to see the excitement that they have for their new areas! 

Tuesday, we went to the state capitol here in Lansing and then went to the temple with the missionaries going home. 

Wednesday, we took the departing missionaries to the airport and then picked up the new ones and spent some time with them filling out paper work and stuff. 

Thursday, we had our trainer and trainee meetings. It was a really good day both me and Elder Norton got to instruct 2 times during the trainings and I felt like they went really well!! Then after the meetings we drove several of the missionaries to their areas. We actually had a pretty stressful evening as one of the sets of missionaries got lost going to their new area and they didn't have a phone or the address to where they were supposed to be going. They were supposed to be following their zone leaders but they got separated and long story short we called the TIWI people (the black boxes in our cars that monitor our driving) and were planning on tracking them down but they ended up pulling off of the highway and used somebody's cell phone there. 

Friday and Saturday we pretty much just recovered from the week and finished some things around the office and on campus. 

Yesterday we had another great day at church! We have another busy week planned for this week with several trade-offs and preparing for 2 trainings that we have next week so things wont slow down for a while. But I wouldn't trade this for the world. My mission has been the greatest thing ever and I have learned and grown so much!! Thanks for all of the prayers and support!!
Elder Bloskas

Here are the new missionaries when we picked them up at the airport! 12 sisters and 6 elders!!

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