Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 2 at the MTC

Good Afternoon,
It's a beautiful day here in Provo, UT! We just got back from going to the temple today and it was awesome to be able to take a break from our crazy schedules and spend some time there. 
This past week has flown by! I feel like it was only yesterday that I was I was writing y'all. This week has been super busy just like last week. Our schedules are jammed pack with classroom instruction, zone teaching, and us teaching investigators. They have several people that they have come to the MTC for us to teach, some are members who are converts that come and just act like they are non-members so they can help us, but a few are actual nonmembers who are interested in the church. This past week we were suppose to teach an investigator with 2 other companionships (since there are so many missionaries and few investigators) but they pulled me and my companion aside right before we were going to meet with him and said they were going to have us teach a different guy. We ended up teaching a guy named Eric, who use to be a taxi driver in Washington. He was a really cool guy and was definitely interested in what we were teaching. His wife joined the church a few years ago and that is what had him interested in the church. He said he had not been interested in religion since he was very young. I honesty think that he is already a member and just came to the MTC for us to be able to have some practice teaching. But, after the first lesson he committed to baptism and seemed to really love what were were teaching him as we continued to get him to pray, read the Book of Mormon, and start to apply Christ teachings to his life. It truly was an amazing experience as I was not only able to apply what I was learning in class about teaching but was also able to see the Holy Ghost guide me in the words that we were saying to him. It is an amazing feeling being able to allow the Holy Ghost to take control of the lesson and teach exactly what the investigator needs to here. There were several times where I would say something that I had never even thought about before and it was exactly what he needed to hear. I cant wait to get to Michigan and meet all of the people that The Lord is preparing for me to teach. 
Last night we said goodbye to all of the missionaries in our zone that are going to Farmington, NM, including my companion. Its crazy to think that I have only known those guys for a week and a half but we were able to bond so much and get so close during our time here at the MTC. There are several guys that I know that I will definitely keep in contact with during my mission and will be good friends with after my mission. 90% of our zone was sick at one point or another this past week with an upper respiratory infection. I ended up getting sick Thursday but was able to go to the clinic here on campus and have been taking medicine to help me feel better. It seems like everyday a new person is sick and they are getting medicine and getting a blessing of healing from one of us. This past Wednesday a missionary in my district was having a hard time and so me and a few other guys in the district decided that we were going to fast for her and really pray for her to be comforted and continue to enjoy her time here. We were able to see the blessings of our prayers the next day and she has been doing great since then! It is amazing how I have been able to see The Lord work through fasting, priesthood blessings, and prayer. The Lord is definitely aware of all of us and he takes care of those that are doing his work. It is amazing how I have been able to see The Lord work through me and I have had some amazing experiences seeing His hand in everything that I do!
Wednesday morning we are leaving the MTC at 3:30 a.m. to go to SLC to get on a plane to our mission. I believe there are 13 of us going to Lansing, 6 from my district and 7 from another zone that meets on the same floor as we do for class. We have gotten to meet them and talk to them a few times. I don't think our plane leaves until 7 something but they want us to be super early to make sure that we can get through security and to our gate in plenty of time. We are flying on Delta airlines to Detroit and then to Lansing. I think we get to Lansing just before noon on Wednesday! It's crazy to think that it is so close and I cant wait to get to Michigan and start hasting The Lords work there!
I'm so glad that I made this decision to serve a mission. I have learned SO much and I know that this is where The Lord wants me to be and needs me to be! Last night after our Sunday night devotional we got to watch a video of a talk that Elder Bednar, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, gave a few Christmas' ago. It was titled "Character of Christ" and it was an amazing talk! It focused on how the Savoir always "turned out" when the natural man would be selfish and turn in. Even in the hardest times of the Saviors Earthly ministry he was serving the people around Him and focusing on them and not himself. A few of the examples was Him praying for others and not for himself when he was meeting with the disciples, when he healed the ear of the guard that was taking him away to be crucified, and his concern for others when he says "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." It truly is amazing studying the life of Jesus Christ and trying to apply his teachings to our lives every single day. I know that as we try to find ways to "turn out" in times that we are struggling instead of focusing on ourselves, then I know we will be blessed and will be able to see The Lord do miracles in our lives!! I can't wait to see the miracles that The Lord has in store for me! I know that the work that I am doing is important. Thank you for all of the letters, emails, prayers, and support that I have received! I know that I wouldn't be able to do it without y'all! I have been praying for y'all and will continue to think and pray about y'all as I continue to serve the people in Michigan! Again, I'm sorry that I couldn't send pictures this week but I promise I'll send some once I get to the mission field!

I'm so grateful to be serving The Lord,

-Elder Bloskas

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