Monday, February 16, 2015

"And whoso recieveth you, there I will be also..."

It is a beautiful day here In Grand Rapids. I know that you probably get tired of hearing this every single week but it was an amazing week and the Lord is continuing to do miracles here in Grand Rapids!
I will start by telling you the best part of the week.. We started meeting with the most prepared person that I have ever met in my life. Her name is Lyndsay. She got interested in the church after her fiancee mentioned his Mormon faith and she decided that she wanted to support him and to search out what the church believes for herself. Her fiancee is a Green Beret in the army and has not been super open with his beliefs but he just wanted to know that she would support him with his desire to go to church and she said that she not only wanted to support him in going to church but wanted to be at church with him.  She has spent the last several weeks engulfing herself in the gospel and learning as much as she can about the church. Last week she got on and requested a Book of Mormon and when we called her she said that she wanted to meet as soon as possible. We went over to her house and started to teach her the Restoration but honestly she already knew most of it. She has done so much studying that we are pretty much just connecting the dots. The Spirit in that lesson was the strongest that I have ever felt in a lesson and the Spirit was absolutely guiding the lesson. She has such real intent and amazing questions and is really seeking truth and allowing our Heavenly Father to teach her. She is 110% prepared!! It reminded me of the promise that is given in D&C 84:88 that says, "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." I know for a fact that she has been led from our Heavenly Father to where she is now so that she can accept the gospel. We taught her the first part of the Plan of Salvation also this week and she and her son were at church yesterday and loved it! We are going over tonight to do a Family Home Evening (FHE) with them and to teach a lesson tailored for her 6 year old son. It has been an exciting challenge to involve him as much as we can in teaching her but I have loved it so much!! The Lord DOES prepare people to accept this gospel and honestly I have a strong testimony that this is in fact the Lord's work!
We taught several other people this week and we are really staying busy! We received 5 referrals last week and so we will be spending a lot of time contacting them and meeting with those people this week! I am excited to continue to see what happens with those people that we are currently teaching and also those that the Lord continues to put into our path!
Friday, we went to Detroit to go to the temple with Bro. Banner! It was so amazing. I have forgotten just how much I love going to the temple and feeling the sweet Spirit there. I thought that the Lubbock temple back home was small but the one here in Detroit is even smaller!! But all of the temples are truly the house of The Lord and it is a true blessing to be able to go!
Ethan will be getting the Aaronic priesthood this next Sunday!! I am so excited for him as he continues to progress in the gospel!
This is the last week of the transfer so I will know Friday whether I will still be in Grand Rapids or if I will be leaving. We are thinking that Elder Dunn will be getting transferred and I would be shocked if I got transferred but you never know what could happen!!
Well that's about it for the week!! I am truly grateful to be a part of this amazing work here in Michigan!! Thanks for continuing to pray for me and for those that I work with, your prayers are being answered!!

-Elder Bloskas

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