Saturday, April 25, 2015

DC Dog Challenge

Happy Saturday!! 
It was another great week here in Mt. Pleasant and I am still loving CMU! I think that I am getting used to being on campus and being so busy with the added responsibilities of being a zone leader and with everything else. We saw a lot of really great things happen this week including teaching 17 lessons (with 2 more tonight) and I am excited for the coming weeks to see how the Lord continues to work in my life.

Sunday was a great day at church. The talks that were given were focused towards conversion and how we can continue to grow in our spiritual lives. We also shot a new video for our zone Facebook page. We have posted several trainings and tips to the other missionaries in the mission and we have posted them in a closed group for the missionaries here. It is just another amazing tool that we have been able to use. 

Sunday night we spent several hours doing our regular call in reports and talking with all of the district leaders and the assistants on how all of the missionaries are doing. Monday, we got to teach several lessons including one to a girl and her roommate that we met on campus. They weren't super open but were pretty nice to us and asked great questions. 

Monday night the assistants were in town to trade-off with us and they came into town to see Elder Blatter attempt the DC Dog Challenge. It was 3 foot-long hot dogs, several onion rings, a bed of fries (probably like 5 pounds of fires), and a 20oz drink in 25 mins. He started out strong and had the dogs down in less than 5 minutes but the fries were too much for him. He is planning on attempting it again in the near future. 

Tuesday, I was with Elder Norton, one of the assistants. He was my district leader whenever I was in Holt and now he was just called to be an assistant. We taught several lessons including a lesson with an older guy named Ted. He has a friend that is a member of our ward and has been wanting to learn more for a while. 

Wednesday, we went to Midland for their district meeting and then headed up north a little bit to West Branch for tradeoffs. So I got to spend Wednesday in West Branch with Elder Isaacson and we got to teach several lessons and do some door knocking. 

Thursday we got to talk to people on campus and also teach several more lessons. We got to teach Shane several times earlier in the week and Thursday he said that he wanted to be taught everything as soon as possible so that he could be baptized and so we have been meeting with him everyday this week and will hopefully see him baptized next week!! 

Yesterday, we had several lessons fall through and so we got to spend quite a bit of time walking around campus talking to people. We met awesome people, including a few that will be here over the summer and we will be able to meet with them once the semester ends in a few weeks. I also got to meet a guy that was pledging Sigma Chi (the fraternity that I was in at ENMU) and told him that I was a member back home. He was really excited to talk to me and later that evening one of the members of the fraternity invited me to the initiation today but unfortunately as missionaries we aren't able to do that... Lol  but I am hoping that I will be able to use my connection to hopefully start to teach a few of the guys here. 

This morning we got to play basketball, and today we are planning on going bowling again with several of the YSAs here. It should be a great day and a great week. We will not be in Mt. Pleasant almost all week since we will be in Bay City Monday night-Thursday on a blitz there working with the Elders there. But I am excited for this next week and all of the exciting things that are happening!! I love campus so much and I am really enjoying CMU/Mt.Pleasant!!
Thanks for all of the continued prayers, support, and love! I am thankful for all that you do!!

Elder Bloskas

P.S. Here is Elder Blatter attempting the DC Dog Challenge! And a picture mentioned in last weeks blog that did not get included.    

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