Saturday, April 11, 2015


Well it seemed like a short week since my P-Days are now on Saturday because that is a less productive time to do missionary work on a college campus. But I feel like I have been going nonstop for the past several days. Needless to day, being a zone leader is not what I expected, I am constantly doing something and half of the time I am on the road! But I love it and I love being on campus and serving with college students!
We had a great week here in Mt. Pleasant. Monday night we did a lot of things that we needed to do for the zone including figuring out our calendar for the transfer and figuring out when we will do trade-offs with the district leaders and which district meetings we are going to be visiting.

Tuesday, we hit the ground running with several appointments with students that have been meeting with missionaries for a while. We did teach a new guy named Shane and we had an awesome lesson with him. I was really able to relate to him and he is a SOLID guy that I know is loving the things we are teaching him. We also did a lot of work on Facebook and worked on a few presentations/trainings that we have to do this next week. Elder Blatter is like the Facebook expert of the mission and since I took several classes in college about effectively using social media we are doing several trainings on how missionaries can use it more effectively! We have been working hard on it and I am excited for this next week to be able to give the trainings. 

Wednesday, we had more meetings and planning, we also taught 3 more lessons. Since college students are more flexible we are able to teach them several times a week and so it has been great being able to teach several of them a few times this week and really get to know them better. We also found out Wednesday morning that one of the missionaries in Bay City that was going to train a new missionary wasn't going to anymore because the missionary who was going to come was waiting on his visa and he ended up getting it. So instead of 2 missionaries training only one of them was and then the other was going to be in a trio with them this transfer. Since there is a lot of great work being done there we decided that we would go and help them Friday so that they would get a jump start to the transfer. 

Thursday, I felt like all we did was drive and since it was my day to drive I did most of the driving. We started out by driving to Caro (which is in the thumb of the Michigan mitten) doing a baptismal interview for an 11 year old who is being baptized today. Then we drove to Saginaw to give another baptismal interview for an older lady that is also being baptized today. We drove back to Mt. Pleasant and were able to teach Shane again. It was an awesome lesson. He has really been receiving a lot of persecution from friends and family members and it was really hard for him. I shared my experience of some of the reactions that a few of my friends had when I joined the church and then we read out of the Book of Mormon with him. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson and I think it really helped him! We taught 2 more lessons on Thursday, grabbed dinner and then drove to Bay City to do a blitz in their area (a blitz is where both me and Elder Blatter work in the area with the missionaries instead of a trade-off is when one of the missionaries comes with up back to our area at CMU) It was a lot of fun seeing those missionaries (one of the missionaries was in my district back in Grand Rapids 2 transfers ago, the other one had been my zone leader for the past 3 transfers, and then we got to meet the new missionaries.) So we drove close to 30 miles on Thursday including teaching several lessons. 

Friday, we spent the whole day in Bay City with the missionaries there since they now are going to be working both areas with the 3 of them.  We dropped by several of the people that they were working with to set up appointments and to help them kind of weed out those that aren't as interested in learning (since the sister missionaries were in the area and now they put elders there) 

This morning we got to play basketball and we are giving a church tour to Shane, going to a service project with several of the CMU students that go to our church, and then just hanging out the rest of our p-day! I am excited for this week and for all of the great things that are happening in Mt. Pleasant!!! I love being on campus and Mt. Pleasant so much!! I think that is it for the week!! I am sure I will have another crazy week and will be able to update you!!

Thanks for all of the support and prayers! I hope y'all have a great week!!

Elder Bloskas

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